Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thaipusam Penang 2008

Thaipusam eve. The chariot will make its way to the them temple to mark the start of thaipusam. Devotees are waiting for the chariot to arrive.

Here comes the cops! Public's best friend arrive before the chariot to make sure everything goes well. This year in Penang, police did monitor the whole event through air unit for the first time.

Here comes the chariot. After an hour waiting, the chariot arrives.

Devotees queuing up with their offering to the chariot and blessing from the chariot.

This picture was taken on thaipusam night, about 2000 people marched with candles throughout the thaipusam route to express unfair arrest of 5 HINDRAF leaders detained under Internal Security Act (ISA)

The orange color T-shirt printed "Makkal Sakthi" means peoples power. Makkal Skathi refreshment hut was place togehter along with others in Penang's Thaipusam

Here comes the banner displaying 5 hindraf leaders face. The banner reads out like this in malay "Sempena Sambutan Thaipusam, Kami Meminta Agar Kerajaan Malaysia Segera Membebaskan Lima Pemimpin Hindraf Yang Ditahan Bawah ISA.

In between the 2000 people marching, some even took kavadis to show their support and their devotion to god for the release of 5.

Next day of thaipusam, the chariot returns back. Coconut breaking session is going on just before the chariot makes a stop here.

Here comes the chariot, making its way back with shiny and colorful lights.