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MIC Candidates – The Truth About Them!

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Samy Vellu has been saying that he is including new faces as MIC candidates for the elections. They’re made up of professionals (teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc.). Samy Vellu also said that his selection is based on the capabilities and commitment of the candidates to serve the community.

The following is a brief breakdown of some MIC candidates that you should know before you decide to cast your vote:

S. Anandan

One of the new candidate is Anandan s/o Somasundaram; a teacher. He is the MIC candidate for the Lunas state assembly seat. Will S. Anandan really serve the community? Please read the attached PDF file MIC Lunas Candidate. The following is a brief description of that document:

Page 1:

A lawyer’s notice was sent to the school where he teaches demanding to know the disciplinary action taken against S. Anandan following the police report lodged against him by a student. The reply from the school principle on 21st April 2002; with Sek. Men. Serdang’s letterhead is displayed in Page 1.

Page 2:

This is the copy of the actual police report lodged on 11th March 2002 against S. Anandan by a student who was framed by the teacher who will now stand for election as an MIC candidate to serve the community. It was this report that led to the issuance of lawyers notice as mention in Page 1.

Page 3 & 4:

This is an official letter from Taman Cempaka MIC Branch (under Bandar Baharu-Kulim Division) that was sent to ‘Pengarah Pendidikan Negeri Kedah’. The letter describes Anandan’s gangster like activities, behaviors and his claim that “no one can touch him” because of his political connections. Other things mentioned are his victimization of students including outraging the modesty of female students. The letter ends by seeking the Kedah education department to transfer him out to another district.

The transfer request was not entertained. It seems Anandan is so powerfully connected that even the Kedah Education Department is powerless to do anything. Who is the powerful politician that protects this ‘gangster’ who calls himself a teacher? Your guess is as good as mine.

Page 5 & 6:

This is the letter sent to S. Muniandy; the Kulim-Bandar Baharu MIC Division Head. It’s written by a brother seeking justice for the wrong Anandan committed against his sister. Anandan then sent gangsters to threaten the complainant.

Page 7 & 8:

This is a letter written to Dato Seri Samy Vellu and also copied to Kedah Menteri Besar Dato Seri Mahdzir Khalid. The letter decribed Anandan’s criminal activities and seeking Samy Vellu to take disciplinary action against Anandan.

What is the end result of all the letters and complaints against Anandan???

For all his crooked behavior, Samy Vellu rewarded S. Anandan by selecting him as an MIC candidate for the Lunas State Assembly. It is now very clear that the powerful politician protecting Anandan is none other than Samy Vellu. Anandan was chosen by Samy Vellu for one reason only. To be Samy Vellu’s lap dog and do his every bidding.

Anandan will not serve the Lunas community!! He will only serve himself and his master Samy Vellu. Anandan will become rich at the expense of the Lunas community!!!!

The scenario is the same elsewhere:

Dato Saravanan:

Dato Saravanan the MIC candidate for Tapah parliamentary seat is a gangster extraordinaire because he made a name for himself in politics while remaining a gangster in the background. He became close to Samy Vellu in the 1980’s. The story goes that at an MIC meeting; a member of the public made a statement critical of Samy Vellu. To defend his boss, Saravanan jumped over a railing and punched the poor guy for daring to criticize Samy Vellu. Ever since then, Saravanan was in Samy Vellu’s good books. Saravanan belongs to Gang 08; one of the main Indian gangs in Klang Valley.

During MIC and Maika Holdings mettings; Saravanan sends his thugs to ensure no one raises a voice against Samy Vellu. It shows one of the thugs from Gang 08 employed to maintain ‘Law & Order’ at the Maika AGM. The guy must have been very proud to belong to Gang 08 that he shaved the number ’8’ at the back of his head to show his affiliation. When shareholders asked questions demanding for answers, these thugs will brutally manhandle, hurt and throw them out of the hall.

Saravanan also sent his thugs to Batu Caves on the early morning of 25th November 2007 during Hindraf rally. After FRU pushed the people into the temple compound, Indian gangsters closed and locked the main gates. After ensuring the gates are securely locked, the thugs then started instigating the people to retaliate against the police. Eyewitness reports mention that the first bricks were thrown at the police by a highly aggressive group of men (these are the thugs sent by Saravanan) who kept instigating people to join them. Mayhem then ensued; police fired tear-gas and water cannons into the temple compound and the rest is history.

This gangster is now one his way to be called “Yang Berhormat”. Who do you think he will serve?? The public???? Nah !!!!!! he’ll only serve himself and his leader!!!!!!!!!

S. Sothinathan:

The incumbent MIC parliamentarian for Teluk Kemang (Negeri Sembilan) and Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Evnvironment. He helped Samy Vellu hijack 9 million Telekom shares awarded to Maika Holdings. They robbed Indians in broad daylight. Sothinathan with his boss Samy Vellu stole more than RM 120,000,000.00 (Yeap!! That’s 120 million ringgit) from the Indians by stealing the Telekom shares. Do you seriously think he will serve the public????? Nah !!!!!! he’ll only serve himself and his leader!!!!!!!!!

Note: Telekom shares scandal in detail in the article MIC: The Hidden History. For those who haven’t read it, please click here to download ---> MIC-The Hidden History.

S.A. Vigneswaran

The incumbent MIC parliamentarian for Kota Raja (Selangor) and Youth and sports Ministry’s Parliamentary Secretary. He is the son of former MIC parliament member in 80’s; the late Mr Sanyasi,JP. His cousin; Mr Sellathevan. is a former MIC Youth leader and a Member of Parliament in 90’s. His family runs a businesses in port Klang, no thanks to their MIC link.

However, he is also a gangster in disguise. His younger brother, S. Balan Kumaran; also known as Seroja Balan in Klang; is a notorious leader of Gang 24, another large Indian gangster group in Klang Valley. Seroja Balan also runs his own scrap metal and haulage business.

As the crime rate among Indians in Klang area reached serious levels, the police department transferred ACP Paramasivam to Klang to tackle the problem of Indian gangsterism. ACP Paramasivam was extremely successful in destroying the Indian crime lords in Klang; of which Vigneswaran’s brother was one. Unable to take the heat, Seroja Balan went into hiding. Vigneswaran then used his political influence to make a deal. The story goes that ACP Paramasivam was transferred out from Klang. Seroja Balan then surrendered and what was his punishment?? The hardened criminal was only sentenced to 18 month of restricted residence and banished to Raub, Pahang. Have you ever heard of a hardened criminal not being put in jail and only sent for restricted recidence?? Well, the Vigneswaran with the help of his political master Samy vellu ensure that Seroja Balan was not jailed.

It did not end there; sources informed while in restricted residence, Seroja Balan lived a luxurious life in a rented bungalow. He also opened a scrap metal business in Raub called Teguh Metal Sdn.Bhd. Ever heard of a banished criminal running a business? Apparently, if you are protected by Samy Vellu, you can work wonders. On top of that, he also managed to influence the Raub MIC’s committee selection.

Dr Vasan Sinnadurai

The MIC candidate for Pasir Panjang State Assembly seat. is a good doctor no doubt. He was the Head of Orthopaedic Department at Taiping Hospital and resigned the post after being selected by Samy Vellu. Why is he selected from the list of hundreds of capable people? The secret is because he has been Samy Vellu’s personal orthopaedic surgeon for years. The foremost criteria for the MIC leaders selection of a candidate is that the person must display ABSOLUTE loyalty to Samy Vellu. The compassion to serve the community is a non-issue. Samy Vellu only wants candidates who will follow his every bark and movement. So Dr. Vasan, you are welcome to join the new list of Samy’s slaves.

Kamala Ganapathi and Komala:

I do not want to waste my time writing about these two useless ladies. Tie a saree on a mannequin; elect them into office and they’ll do a better job than these two.

Word has it that the two ladies were not on the shortlist of MIC’s 2008 election candidates. The two it seems met Samy Vellu and cried their hearts and souls out to the useless fellow and managed to melt his heart (if he has any!!) and managed to retain their place.

Kamala Ganapathi’s late husband was a loyal secretary for Samy vellu and he retained her because she is totally loyal to him and will do anything he says. Will she serve the community???

This the truth about them, what you say? still going to vote for them? Its time for a change in our society, we cant take anymore crocodiles like Samy Vellu and his new faces or old faces. These peoples are bunch of rubbish and do not deserve to serve the country. Please for once make a change. I am sick of MIC lies,drama and crocodile technology. Remember, people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of people.


anti September 7, 2008 at 9:01 PM  

The so called 'Dato Saravanan' is just an SRP failure!
How many of the fuckers above have a degree?
Are they educated?
All the above are stupid dumb bells!