Sunday, February 17, 2008

Roses Rally in Malaysia - Chronological order.

Campaign of Roses Updates - 8.45am Update

The Campaign have started - Just received a Mobile update, people are now gathering in front of DBKL Building…. , no roadblocks inside KL and it’s quiet there. People show our Unity and fight for your Right that will secure your coming generations….

Campaign of Roses Updates - 9.00am Update

Just received another update…between 3 - 4 people was arrested by our POLICE (grounds of arrest still unknown). The Roses will now be sent to SUHAKAM Office instead of the Parliment due to heavy roadblocks by Police to stop Our Little Angels and fellow Malaysians from exercising their rights…

Campaign of Roses Updates - 9.30am Update

Update at 9.30AM ..chemical laced water sprayed and tear gas fired in front of DBKL, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman was closed, the crowd is now heading towards Dataran Merdeka.

Campaign of Roses Updates - 10.00am Update

Update at 10.00AM - Ground crew reported that riot Police is arresting everyone at random including few KIDS. Crowd is now scattered into smaller groups…second round of tear gas and chemical laced water being sprayed at the peaceful crowd.

Campaign of Roses Updates - 10.30am Update

Update at 10.30AM - It was reported that the crowd has now dispersed and Hindraf coordinators are also asking the crowd to disperse since the FRU are being very agrresive. It was reported that over 450 people were arrested so far.

Campaign of Roses Updates - 11.30am Update

Update at 11.30AM - It was reported that the crowd has now dispersed and gathered around Court Malai Pillayar Temple. It is estimated around 10,000 people around the temple area. There was few stand off between FRU and the Campaigners. Apprently the FRU being very aggresive and even chasing people out of coffee shops.

I was reported the arrested campaigners were taken to Pulapol.

Crowds are now slowly dispersing…

Campaign of Roses Updates - 12.00pm Update

Update at 12.00PM - The crowd is moving towards Pudu Jail…apparently few of the Hindraf committee members were arrested last night itself. Fair amount of people from different directions are heading towards Pudu Jail.

Campaign of Roses Updates - 12.30PM Update

Update at 12.30PM - FRU has cordoned off PUDU Jail area. The Campaigners are now heading towards PULAPOL, JALAN SEMARAK where the arrested Campaigners were taken. Please gather at PULAPOL, JALAN SEMARAK…

Campaign of Roses Updates -5.30PM Update

Those who were arrested are released after their statements are taken.

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