Monday, June 16, 2008

Gov't Gives You A Rebate But Robs You On Taxes

SOURCE : Letters@Malaysiakini

PSP | 4:16pm

The mainstream media should realise that the average per capita income in Malaysia is US$5,000 compared to Singapore’s US$25,000 when they make fuel subsidy comparisons with our neighbours south.

Thais do pay RM3.90 per litre of petrol but they also pay RM10,000 less for new cars over there. Driving licenses do not need to be renewed and they have no road tax. Plus you can drive from Hat Yai to Bangkok on a six-lane highway without paying any toll.

Malaysia has driving license renewals, road taxes and tolls everywhere. Singaporeans pay in their currency, so it is distorted when you keep quoting in the ringgit. Oil is still relatively cheaper for the Singaporean and they are not crude oil exporters.

Compared to oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia at 38 sen and UAE at RM1.19, our oil prices here are indeed high. On top of that , a Toyota Vios cost RM89, 000 here while only being RM62,700 internationally. Malaysian Vios owners are coughing up an extra RM26,300.

So the government gives you RM625 as a rebate but robs you of RM26,300 in taxes they collect when you buy the car. Where is the fairness in that? We should feel penalised.

Car taxation is government profit, fuel sales is Petronas' profit which also translates into government profit. The government is ridiculing Malaysians by continuously pointing at the global fuel price changes. Malaysians are not stupid.

And which idiot economist pays rebates using the cubic capacity of the vehicle? An average office clerk may own a second hand 1300cc Proton Iswara costing RM7,000 (rebate = $625) while the ‘Datuk's’ children can own a fleet of 10 new cars of BMWs, Audis and Volvos all less than 2000cc costing RM2 millions and get a total rebate of RM625 x 10 = RM6,250!

The word ‘subsidy’ has been brandished by the BN government as if it has so generously helped the rakyat and in doing so incurring losses. The BN government claims that it is a ‘subsidy’ because the oil is kept and treated as somebody else's property.

By right, the oil belongs to all citizens of the country and the government is a trustee for the citizens. Thus, the BN government cannot claim that it has subsidised the citizens.