Monday, June 16, 2008

Barisan Nasional Suprise Gift Towards Its Loyal Supporters / Ringkasan Kenaikan Minyak


Watch this clip and see what are the effects public facing through petrol price hike. Some people just dont understand why is this happening. This happens when politicians robs the country and live a luxurious lifestyle. As their lifestlye goes up to current needs thats where they start to rob the country and public's money will be funded to their pockets instead helping to ease public burden. Whats MIC's say? Is it fair for rubber tappers? Is it fair for those who are living in the line of poverty? All you can see SAMY VELLU comes out on TV and says, "I am here for the indians and only MIC can help them", thats what he says but he is not doing anyhting at all. He is too busy cheating the indians. Remember a crocodile is always a crocodile. Can't you see this will encourage criminal activities? So far i have witness 3 situation, 3 difrent motocyclist lost their petrol in the bike overnite in brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. All this while, I park my bike I will be afraid of loosing my helmets which is locked together with the bike. Now i have to add petrol into my list each time i park my bike. Now as a middle class citizen with high dreams i have to edit my dreams replacing kancil or ex5 instead BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, FERARI or HUMMER. Why go far, high price of petrol i cant even afford petrol for PROTON WIRA!!! dammmn...