Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They Wont Consider About Us!!!

Dear Editor,

I’m currently teaching in a secondary school and I am totally dissatisfied with an issue so I am writing this complain hoping that it will make a difference. As most of you are aware of, we had just completed the PMR examinations throughout Malaysia. We as teachers also look forward to marking the PMR papers, as we will be able to gain experience and insights, which will be useful when conducting the Form 3 classes for the coming year.

However, all the hopes of Indian teachers are dashed to the ground as the meeting with the heads of the marking group is being held on the eve of Deepavali in some places. These meetings are held over a span of two to three days so that each group is able to discuss with their respective group leaders on issues concerning the marking of the papers. The examiners will also be given their scripts and briefed on the issues of marking. These meetings are essential and if they are held during the preparations for Deepavali, many Indian teachers will not be able to attend and thus they lose out as they won’t have the chance to mark the papers.

Some may argue that these meetings are not long, and the teachers will be able to attend the meeting and then go back home to continue with the preparations, but I ask you is it fair? Some of us are sent to different states away from our hometowns and we dedicate ourselves to our work but during the holidays we would like to spend time with our loved ones.

I’m not surprised that this sort of incident is taking place as we have come across many incidents like this over the years but I would seriously like to pose this question. Is this what we call BANGSA MALAYSIA? This ignorance of the celebration that is going to take place and the importance of this celebration to a small group of people who are a part of Malaysia.

I can only hope that things will get better and even though we are a small group of people we still contribute to the development of this nation and thus our voices should be heard. The meeting could have been held during the weekday since we already know beforehand when the examinations are going to take place and when it’s going to be over. There is no logical explanation on why the meeting is held on the eve of Deepavali unless it has been done on purpose.