Friday, March 21, 2008

New Formation and New Styles!

The elections is definitely a dawn of the new age in the Malaysian political scene.It was more than a awakening for most of us and I’m sure we never thought the this day would ever come!! It shows that Malaysians as a whole have matured tremendously and wont settle for second best anymore.

If you watched the coverage of the election results some people were out with racist remarks blaming some of the cause of all this happening but whats wrong with what has happened? I for one feel that its time for us to stand up and be counted. We are all Malaysians and we are all the same!! Religion is no longer main stream, not a good enough reason for anyone to get priority over another.Religion should be something personal and not a reason for giving a upper hand to anyone.

Its the new age it should be a even playing field to all. If you want to do well, work at it! Nobody should be given a golden plate to stand on and dictate ,that is the thing of the past! Malay,Chinese,Indian or any other race in Malaysia we are all brothers and sisters of this soil we call home! This is our country and we should be proud of where we have come so far!

"Ini Satu Ombak baru",Samy Vellu

Look at the members of the parliament, logically the Indians are under represented with all the MIC personal crashing out but the others that made it will fight the cause for us all and I at least have faith in them!

DAP,PKR and PAS have got their chance they have been asking for now. I hope they don’t let us down and do well for their own good and the good of the people. One things for sure, if they don’t live up to it…..The mature nation wont be as kind as they have been!!

Bangsa Malaysia is born, lets now take it to the next level!