Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HINDRAF: 100th Day Rally in San Francisco (USA)


We, a group of concerned Malaysian Indians residing in California, held a rally, at the United Nations Plaza, on March 22, 2008 to mark and protest the 100th day detention of our 5 brothers, Uthayakumar, Manoharan, Kengadharan, Ganabathirau and Vasanthakumar. The rally was a complete success with about 40 people attending. The participants comprised of people from all walks of life, and included Mr. Samir Kalra, from the Hindu American Foundation, who all came together to show solidarity with our Malaysian Indian brothers and sisters. Ms. Sunita Sohrabji from the India-West newspaper was also at hand to cover our rally.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants of this rally for their kind attendance and enthusiastic support. I also would like to personally thank the Hindu American Foundation and India-West for their strong support of the Malaysian Indian cause. Lastly, I again call upon the Malaysian government to fulfill our five demands immediately.

Thank you,
Bhuvan Govindasamy.