Sunday, August 17, 2008

Permatang Pauh : BN Deny Phantom Voters or Buying Voters

Source : Malaysiakini

Barisan Nasional by-election candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah refuted widespread allegations that Permatang Pauh voters were being bribed to stop them from voting for his rival Anwar Ibrahim.


Instead, the Seberang Jaya state assemblyperson said BN had only paid party election agents and volunteers to reimburse their daily expenses for food and travel, not to constituents.

arif shah omar shah bn umno candidate for permatang pauh by election 140808 13"BN will not indulge into such things to prevent voters from exercising their democratic rights," he told journalists at Saffira Country Club in Seberang Jaya, Penang today.

He was commenting on the Pakatan Rakyat leader's allegation that voters were allegedly told by BN agents not to come out to vote on the by-election polling on Tuesday Aug 26.

Anwar told Kampung Bagan Serai residents during an evening hi-tea session that BN had started a whispering campaign - one informing the voters not to go out and vote since ‘Anwar was sure to win'.

He also claimed that voters would be given some ‘gift' for not voting for him.

On Monday, several voters complained to Malaysiakini that they were paid RM50 each by a BN election agent, who also took photocopies of their identity cards.

When asked on this, Arif Shah appeared surprised about the payment to the voters but admitted the agents were collecting identity cards to account for their daily routine duties.

"They have to collect the copies of identity cards to prove their daily work," he said.

However, before he could answer about the payment, he was quickly whisked away from the press conference by an aide.

Arif's seven strategies

BN national chairperson Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was visiting the constituency for the first time since the Arif Shah was announced as candidate, also brushed aside Anwar's complaint.

anwar ibrahim permatang pauh forum 170808 02"Anwar is always good in accusing others, perhaps because he was the one committing the wrongdoings," said the premier.

The Umno president.said the BN by-election machinery would have to beef up its campaign strategies and style to wrest the seat from PKR's control.

Earlier he met Chinese community leaders and women members of various mosque qariahs in the constituency to woo their voters for Arif Shah.

He had also attended a village function in Tanah Liat area to gauge BN's popularity among rural Malays in Penanti, among the three constituencies under Permatang Pauh.

The other two are Arif Shah's Seberang Jaya and Permatang Pasir.

Arif Shah meanwhile rated his chances of winning the seat as 55-45 in favour of Anwar, and said "a little bit more extra hardwork would win me the constituency."

He said his machinery had lined-up seven strategies to woo the voters, with one being identifying ‘special' voters, who were registered as Permatang Pauh voters but were residing outside the area.

"I do not want to call them phantom voters.

"For instance, there was house with five registered voters, but when checked only two are staying in it," he said.


mode de la shadow August 18, 2008 at 12:06 AM  

hmm. arif shah maybe a good man but the point is that the stake this time is not PP alone but the fate of the whole nation lays with PP. n his boss is the devil.

sorry arif dude, i know u r good but the ppl u r working for are evil.

permatang pauh, the fate of the nation lays with u this time. As JFK once quoted; ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. So permatang pauh, this time ur country needs u to save her from a corrupted evil govt. the honour is with you!!

telur dua August 18, 2008 at 2:12 AM  

AAB on Anwar: He will deny it.

We on BN in PP: They will deny it.

Azisirikit August 18, 2008 at 3:21 AM  

Arif, you are in the wrong boat! You are being used. Open your eyes and mind!

Nostradamus August 18, 2008 at 11:19 AM  

Nostrdamus Predictions on Possibilities In Malaysia.
Ramalan Nostradamus atas Kemungkinan-kemungkinan di Malaysia.

1. Is it possible that DSAI wins the Permatang Pauh elections and become the next Chief Minister of Penang as a stepping stone to becoming Prime Minister?
Adakah mungkinnya DSAI memenangi pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan menjadi Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang sebelum menjadi Perdana Menteri?

2. Is it possible that DSAB resign as PM of Malaysia after the Permatang Pauh elections and handover to DSNTR earlier than expected?
Adakah mungkinnya DSAB meletak jawatan sebagai PM Malaysia selepas pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan menyerahkannya kepada DSNTR lebih awal dari jangkaan?

3. Is it possible that UMNO and PKR will combine to form a new party?
Adakah mungkinnya UMNO dan PKR akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

4. Is it possible that all other component parties of BN without UMNO will combine with PKR to form a new party?
Adakah mungkinnya parti-parti komponen BN lain kecuali UMNO akan bergabung dengan PKR untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

5. Is it possible that PKR and PAS will combine to form a new party?
Adakah mungkinnya PKR dan PAS akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

6. Is it possible that PKR, DAP and HINDRAF will combine to form a new party?
Adakah mungkinnya PKR,DAP dan HINDRAF akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru.

7. Is it possible that TDM and all other Little Napoleons knows of these possibilities and are preparing to migrate?
Adakah mungkinnya TDM dan semua “Little Napoleons” mengetahui kemungkinan-kemungkinan ini dan sedang bersedia untuk berhijrah?

To be continued…….
Akan disambung……

kplee August 18, 2008 at 12:02 PM  

This guy arif can speak all the languages in the world for all we care. So what a big deal la?
A crook is a crook. Working with murderers, cheaters, corruptors etc... shows what material he is make of.
Look at his sibling on the BILLION$$$$ government projecttender. Where has the money gone to, and where is his sibling now???? He got the cheek to say that it is not a corruption by giving people to help in the election in Permatang Puah. I dont beleive him at all. Its all the dirty tricks of the BN.
All voters in Permatang Puah please stand and vote for PKR to kick this so called "milti lingual" guy in the butt for working with the ev_l go_ons.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng August 18, 2008 at 3:28 PM  

Many countries also claim to be free from money politics
They only indulge in a bit of 'charity' with biased clarity
Regardless of the amount actually stirred up as polemics
Since what's done is with their own sense of chastity

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180808
Mon. 18th Aug. 2008.