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We have burried you Khairy, Never Ever come to Permatang Pauh

Source : Malaysiakini

‘Well, the sheer display of arrogance by BN has once again been rewarded with what amounts to being nothing short of an embarrassing and humiliating defeat.'

On Official: Anwar gets BIGGER majority

G Krishnan: Well, the sheer display of arrogance by the likes of Khairy and his BN ilk has once again been rewarded with what amounts to being nothing short of an embarrassing and humiliating defeat for the BN in Permatang Pauh.

All that venom, all that despicable personal attacks on Anwar, all that fear-mongering, all the race-baiting, all those big guns of the party, and all that money poured into the by-election, and what does the BN have to show for it?

I believe most reasonable people would conclude that the voters had sent a clear message to Abdullah and his son-in-law, and Najib and his groupies as well, several months back.

But that message did not seem to resonate at the Putra World Trade Centre.

I must admit that even as I type these words, I've got a grin on my face that stretches from one ear to the other. Oh, how sweet it is to see the likes of Khairy and Najib with egg on their faces.

All I will say for now is: ‘Hey, Khairy! Look who got ‘buried'!

Rebecca Gaythri:
After 51 years of independence, Umno's policies are still not up to today's standards. It's just a race-based party that only cares for one race.

God is watching everything you do. He will put a stop to it one day.

Your days are numbered - the cries of the people will be heard. God created everything equal, but you stole it all for yourself.

In what condition would you like the Indians and Chinese to vote for BN? Under threat? Anwar has won and will bring good policies to suit Malaysians.

Peter Ooi:
Yesterday's by-election in Permatang Pauh (PP) will also be hailed as a Good-Bye Election! We hope Permatang Pauh will shout for the rest of Malaysia good-bye to

- racial policies and racist politics

- to the Malaysian hybrid of apartheid

- to unbridled greed and wanton corruption

- to a heavily sullied judiciary and police force

- to a one party system domination where scoundrels lurk and find refuge

And say hello to a New Malaysia! Didn't I say this is a good bye-election ?

Kenny Gan: Anwar has won Permatang Pauh with a thumping majority of more than 15,000 despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him by the BN machinery and polling held on a working day.

This is a convincing victory which declares that all the races, Malays included, endorse PR's multi-racial politics to BN's divisive racial politics.

If the BN government has any sense, it should heed the voice of the people and set about correcting its ways. But I fear that this message from the people will once again be ignored and Umno will continue to play on racial and religious sentiments.

The speaker of Parliament has already stated there is no urgency to swear in Anwar as an MP which is a dishonourable act to frustrate the will of the people.

As the BN government cannot or will not change, there is no choice but to continue the march to Putrajaya.

The huge support given to Anwar during nomination day and throughout the campaigning period shows clearly that the popularity enjoyed by Anwar.

The clarion call has sounded. The people have spoken. It is now up to all conscientious MPs from BN to jump ship and realise the Malaysian dream of a fair and accountable government.

One Malaysia:
This marks the dawn of a new Malaysia being liberated from the clutches of BN which in reality is worse than the British colonialists.

BN , in particular Umno, is now in damage control mode. However, the damages are already done and exposed. The rakyat has proven to the hopeless Umno that BN is no longer relevant.

BN's bankrupt mentality has worsened making Umno, MCA and MIC into more incorrigible entities.

No amount of lies will save BN now. The demise of Umno, MIC, MCA are clearly visible.

Raptor 22: The rakyat has shown that the a bigger majority does matter because they are fed-up with BN and its political drama.

Let's talk about more sensible matters and not nonsense. BN will never ever learn.

I believe if only Pak Lah gave ceramah in Permatang Pauh for the past 10 days, BN would not have lost by such a huge majority.

But with the presence of MCA, MIC and worse Najib and Khairy, they buried themselves. So now, what Khairy is going to say?

Congratulations for the big win and welcome back to the parliament, DSAI. We were waiting for this moment long enough.

Thank you Permatang Pauh. Thank you for not buying into the racist and bigoted campaign of BN.

In doing so you voted for a better future for all Malaysians. As for Khairy Jamaluddin, what was that you were saying about burying Anwar's political career?

Now let us all focus on making Sept 16 a reality.

Harris J Possible:
In any democratic institution, a newly elected member of parliament is immediately sworn in after he has been elected.

What is the problem in the newly elected member for Permatang Puah to be sworn in as early as today as the House is still sitting?

Pray, tell me why cannot the newly-elected MP participate in the deliberations of the House soon after he has been elected?

AR Anpu:
Hidup anwar! Hidup Pakatan! Hidup Reformasi! Hidup Malaysia! Hidup Negara Kita! Hidup Malaysians!

We love and die for our country. Malaysia is the best and Malaysians are the best!

Malay, Chinese, Indians and others are no more for we are all Malaysians of our motherland Malaysia.

Today is ia new year - Aug 26, 2008. Anwar, lead us with your leadership to enable us to be the best.Mooshie Mooshie: So, where is the jihadi from Pantai and the funeral parlour man from Rembau who wanted to bury Anwar? Have they gone into hiding?

Most of all, BN - are the special projects or ‘election goodies’ going to be forthcoming after the embarrassing loss in Permatang Pauh?

What are they going to say this time to delay or conveniently scrap these promised goodies?

After all, Malaysians are very forgetful people. And to the Rembau funeral man - get ready to resign, as you have promised to do so when DSAI becomes the PM.

Hiding isn't going to do you any good - come up with something more original next time around. Is there a next time for you? The clock is ticking for you, Mr Funeral Parlour Man.

Kaisim: The by-election of Permatang Pauh has sent a clear message to Umno - the people are no longer interested in racial politics and character slander.

I salute the Malay voters here, although they have been under tremendous pressure from the BN government that talked so much of Ketuanan Melayu ala Umno and that blatantly played dirty racist games in their election campaigns.

Umno must realise that there is more to life than politics and that there are other important issues like unity and the economy. The loss here is a sign of Umno crumbling and that the worst is yet to come.

All eyes are on Anwar Ibrahim, who promised to work with all levels of Malaysians in order to make this country a better place for all of us. Sybas Anwar!

Selandia & Jutlandia: I respect and value the folks of Permatang Pauh, as they know they had had two good chances (the 12 GE and this by-election) to shape the nation. They exhibited consistencies in their duty for the nation.

I knew nothing could stop them from doing their best - not even Saiful or the majority votes issue could not stop them from being consistent in their rightness.

They are people who are mature and that's why the constituency’s name is Permatang Pauh.

Anwar, by nature, being an anak kampung from Permatang Pauh is not a coincidence.

I guess it was meant to begin right. Anwar means ‘A Nation With Absolute Rights’ (A-N-W-A-R), so rakyat, we’re going to see good progress henceforth.

Alfred Ho: Once again, the people of Permatang Pauh have spoken on behalf of all right- thinking Malaysians who desperately want change - change that happened last night when Anwar Ibrahim regained his parliamentary seat.

I wish to convey my heartiest congratulations to Anwar for his resounding victory against the BN candidate. While we celebrate Anwar's huge success, let us not forget the many people who were behind the scenes making this election victory possible for him.

We must also not forget to acknowledge people such as Raja Petra and the leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat parties for their kind assistance in helping to make Anwar's win in the much talked about by-election possible.

With a dynamic person like Anwar returning to parliament to head the opposition, I have no doubt whatsoever that BN will try all ways possible to deprive Anwar of his sweet victory by continually putting obstacles in his path.

The impending court case against Anwar for sexual crimes is just one good example. BN crooks will stop at nothing to prevent Anwar from forming the new government just so that they can continue to plunder the nation with impunity.

As I have said many a time, all right thinking Malaysians are desperately crying out for change, and Anwar is just the right person to help us effect change in this respect by forming the next government.

Augustine Yeo: Firstly, I would to congratulate Anwar Ibrahim for defeating BN with a majority of 15,671 votes. What is BN going to say about the results? Despite the odds against Anwar, the rakyat are the deciders and they don't make U-turns.

With all of their resources behind the BN candidate, they still could not change the mind set of the voters. With the media controlled by the government, we had little access to what Anwar had to say.

We are heading toward vision 2020 thanks to sites like these. Through the Internet, the up-and-coming younger generations cannot be fooled by the BN government with all types of promises and goodies.

All the allocations poured into Permatang Pauh were of taxpayers’ money and were unfairly distributed. This was the dirtiest and most expansive election with the purpose of burying DSAI’s political future.

The dirty tactics used by BN are not well received by the rakyat. What is the outspoken KJ going to say about the results of the election?

Instead of burying DSAI, BN has been thrown out. All the ministers in BN need to be overhauled and replaced with PK leaders by Anwar Ibrahim.Bernard: Let us thank god that PKR has defeated Umno. Now it is time for Pak Lah and his crony Najib to depart.

Najib should be investigated. Is he above the law? It is one beautiful day for Malaysia, and this is just the beginning.

Chelvam Rengasamy: First, my warmest congratulations to Anwar for his victory and my highest appreciation for the people of Permatang Pauh, all of whom stood against government propaganda and made a wise choice.

Indeed, this victory has brought new meaning to the word merdeka. My living area houses a multiracial community with hundreds of people. Every year, in the first week of August, we all raise the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ in our homes and fly it proudly.

However, this year no one did - it was somehow due to the current regime in this country. As the results of the Permatang Pauh by-election became known, all of the residents in my housing area - including me - raised the 'Jalur Gemilang' around 11pm.

What does it show? I guess, for once, we felt there was a certain ‘freedom’ and ‘hope’ for Malaysians of all races - regardless of colour or creed. We are one family, and this land belongs to all.

The rakyat have spoken - it’s time for all to get back to work and get Malaysia back to where it belonged once. Today, Malaysia is lagging behind many countries, even those in the Asean region.

The time has come for serious action to remedy the situation. Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka, Daulat Tuanku!

Millionth Citizen: Like millions of others in the country, we want to thank the people of Permatang Pauh for this new beginning in the nation.

We would also like to thank Raja Petra, the jailed Hindraf members and those recently arrested, everyone seeking refuge from persecution in other countries and all the people who have helped in this by-election - we thank you all.

We also urge the electorates of constituencies now under BN to tell their representatives that the New Dawn has begun, and if they have any conscience, they need to do something for their children and their future and cross over to a party that will be fair to the whole nation.

We also give a million thanks to workers and supporters for seeing the future.

Michael Lee: As a Singaporean, I can only view and comment from the sidelines. Permit me to express my sincere opinion about this person Anwar Ibrahim:

1. He is one of Malaysia’s Malays who can unite all, regardless of language, race and religion,

2. In power as PM, he will bring equality, peace and prosperity to all people,

3. Investments shall pour in from all over the world and, more importantly, he will get a high Singapore commitment,

4. All outstanding issues with Singapore will likely be settled, as he has a good, reasonable vision,

5. He knows what is good for Malaysia and the people, and knows good neighbours for partnerships in win-win situations,

6. He will definitely not betray the Malays, but he will also share prosperity among all races,

7. The world is looking at him to do damage repairs and Malaysian can count on him for this,

Give him a chance to improve and bring Malaysia forward in 2009. As Malaysia prospers, so will Singapore – both forever.

Xman: DSAI to be sworn in tomorrow. This is indeed the dawning of a new era for Malaysia. God willing, our politics will become clean again, a long overdue notion indeed.

Meng: Having just returned from Permatang Pauh, it appears that the ground has shifted completely. During the campaign period, many were puzzled by the lack of the presence of foot soldiers at the many BN bilik gerakan.

The usual floods of BN supporters, their cars and their rumblings - which are often overwhelming and almost intimidating during by-elections - were conspicuously missing this time around.

Perhaps there are no more grassroots. Perhaps, after March 8 and after following the despicable and lowly smear tactics of BN leaders, the BN grassroots have abandoned the ship. All that’s left are the few generals and simple palace guards.

I think BN leaders and MPs have to think long and hard if they desire to continue to serve the people.

It’s not that they are all bad, but they serve a very weak set of leaders who are more concerned about their own survival than that of the nation.

It is time for them, including the remaining upstanding MPs in BN, to come over to Pakatan Rakyat and truly represent the people of Malaysia. The grassroots have all moved. Merdeka!

Dr SK: To all of you who voted for BN, your man Arif and none of the BN big guns or supporters had the grace to attend the announcement of the results of the Permatang Pauh by-election. ‘Thank you’ for voting for them.

It goes to show how typically ungrateful Arif and BN are. They do not care at all about how you feel - deserted in their defeat, they care only about winning.

Once again, Arif’s and BN's disappearance exemplifies exactly what is so despicable about BN.

Ganga: I would like to congratulate Anwar on his win. From now on, PKR has a new set of challenges. The current government will not give up its power just like that. There will be many dirty games starting now.

Some of the things BN might do might be like tales from a Tamil movie. I have seen many episodes, and now I will experience it in my own land. Parliamentarians are subject to money politics.

An entrapment will be elaborately set up to break the opposition MPs in the likes of the Perak case. Racial tension will by played up to create unrest within the opposition.

This will benefit BN, as they are a race-based party.

Anwar himself will be entrapped with many legal charges, like with the lies of the Saiful case. Backstabbing will take place, like the Nallakaruppan allegation of corruption against Anwar.

There are things BN will plan to get Anwar using its government legs to create unrest. There are so many unimaginable things coming to terms.

I hope PKR and its coalition leaders are ready to once again live up to new challenges to save the country from this tyrant BN.

M Kamil Nurul Azman: Friends, countrymen, comrades - god has helped us. The truth will always triumph over evil. While writing this comment, I still feel the utmost satisfaction with last night’s results.

I believe that the right mind set and the clear judgment by the Malay voters in Permatang Pauh were the determining factors in the victory.

For the second time running, all the BN propaganda on television and in the newspapers fell on the deaf ears of the Permatang Pauh folks. Good job!

As for the PM’s in-law, being a Kelantanese voter, I still remember the time when this person came to campaign in my part of the world.

I remember his words, him saying in campaigns that he wanted to give Kelantan as a present to the PM, and that BN will return to power in the East Coast state.

Well, the rest, as they say, is history.

On Win a 'defining moment for nation'

Lim Keat Hoe: Only the Umnoputras will deny that this is a ‘defining moment’.

In the twilight of his mediocre premiership, will Abdullah now act as a statesman that Malaysians can look back on in the future with pride?

Namely, he should stop the legal pursuit of Anwar.

But, sadly, I am sure he won't or can't. The political high drama will continue, but history has shown that the will of the rakyat cannot be subdued forever.

For the sake of the nation - in the name of peace, unity and prosperity - I pray that the powers-that-be will cease and desist.

On Election Commission denies fraud charges

Maran: Kamaruzzaman said 'Our figures fully accounted for'. Then how come his figure for turnout is only 63% but actual figure shows 80%?

Kamaruzzaman should explain his capablity in mathematics to the country and it is a disgrace for the nation to have people like Kamaruzzaman as election officers.

On Najib regrets polling day scuffle

Timo FP: Dear Mr DPM - you, your party and your candidate have been given a well-aimed kick in your ample behinds.

You would be well advised to return to Putrajaya and lick your wounds instead of pointing fingers for the defeat.

Scuffle? My foot. Your BN goons aren't exactly angels either. It was fair play, and you and your cohorts have lost big-time.

By the way, we can all thank your protege sandiwara-man from Rembau for getting your 'loser-from-the-start' BN candidate buried by the avalanche of votes.

Listen well, Mr DPM - nobody bought your drama. The ones who did, did so for the pay-dirt that is now not going to materialise.

The constant barrage of carefully-documented visuals depicting you greeting locals in a market, kicking a football, visiting a so-called injured pix-man in the hospital and swearing in a mosque (which the mainstream media were quick to publish with blind-loyalty) flopped big-time.

After your sterling performances in box-office hits like ‘An Evening In Port Dickson’ and ‘High-Flying In Mongolia’, we are extremely disappointed by your insipid outing in your latest effort, ‘Why Now? In Permatang Pauh’.

It was a box-office disaster impounded by your novice sandiwara-man from Rembau.

You may be in self-denial, but you would be well advised to pack and await your turn at one of your lifeboats because your once-mighty ship is sinking under its own weight of deceit, sex scandal and corruption.

Sang Kancil: It is always the culture of BN-Umno to blame the opposition for all the bad behaviour.

Just look at the uncvilised behaviour portrayed by those Umnoputeras on nomination day. These guys are fit to be in jungle.

But our friend Najib blames the opposition. Please look and educate your guys first, Mr DPM. Anyway, this election will be the final death siren for BN-Umno.

On 5 'phantom' buses stopped, MP arrested

Sitha: Though I am happy with the victory of Anwar and Malaysia, I am also saddened with what happened to Gopalakrishnan and his family. How many times has Malaysia witnessed a family being arrested for doing good for the country?

And how many times has Malaysia witnessed a family in full swing, working their butts off under the hot sun, trying to make sure the election processes takes place fairly only to get assaulted for it?

Gopalakrishnan and his family should be released immediately. They are the examples of how we want the Malaysians to be - fighting for a good cause, no matter of what race or belief.

We are proud of them and we want them out from detention now.

On PKR leader: If Anwar wins, 13 Sabah MPs will cross over

KSN: I wish to point out to the BN MPs that BN (through Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the parties from Sabah and Sarawak) has not only betrayed the country, but their respective communities as well.

There is no need to elaborate and provide details, as the country is aware of it - you MPs more than others.

We have seen a lack of leadership in taking the country in the right direction - towards harmony and social justice and away from corruption, abuse and misuse of public funds, cronyism and abuse of power just so that a few could become rich.

Those in the BN with any shred of conscience, integrity and honour left - whether they are from Umno, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, Sabah or Sarawak - should help to stop the country from continuing along this destructive path.

Please cross over - give Malaysia and its people a chance. There is no need to have second thoughts about morality here - to stay with BN and continue to support it is immoral and you know it.

What do you say, BN MPs? Can we count on you to do the right thing?


Malcolm August 27, 2008 at 5:31 PM  

Padam muka MCA (Most Celaka Agent) for Chinese, MIC (Most Ineducated Community) for India and Gerakan (Go Erak Rali Angkat Kutu Atas Najib) because when the advisor speak the whole area with his air liur. Padam muka dia orang, UMNO- Dr M pun cakap UMyes, apa lagi mahu cakap. See the power of rakyat? Thanks for DSAI and Datin. Datin your are great.