Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Missing? Kidnapped? Or Abducted? Feels Like TV Series!

Source : Malaysiakini

A private investigator who went missing after linking Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to a murdered Mongolian woman has been traced to an unnamed location in Southeast Asia, police said today.


Criminal Investigation Department director Bakri Zinin said P Balasubramaniam and his family had left Malaysia on their own accord after the investigator last week made the claims and then swiftly retracted them.

"Through our close cooperation with our conterparts in Aseanapol and Interpol, we managed to locate him," Bakri told AFP.

"But I will not reveal his whereabouts as it will jeopardize our ongoing investigations on his sworn statements," he said.

"I cannot say if he is safe but he gave us the impression that he was safe and sound. According to the information we have, he left on his own accord."

Bakri did not say if Balasubramaniam will be brought back to Kuala Lumpur to help with the investigation concerning his statements, which have deepened the political crisis in Malaysia.

As if were reading it further, here is what the nephew got to say :

Balasubramaniam's nephew, who reported him missing, said his uncle had contacted him late Monday to say he and his family were safe.

"When I repeatedly asked them where they were, my uncle told me that they could not talk freely and ended the call," R Kumaresan said. -Malaysiakini

Do you think he is safe? How can the police say the investigations shows that he left the country own accord? Whats the prove for thier statement? Refer to the part when the P.I. contacted his R Kumaresan, he is under duress.

According to Surendran, the withdrawal of the statutory declaration and Balasubramaniam’s comments have raised doubts.

He also revealed that Balasubramaniam informed Segar of the statutory declaration on Tuesday (July 1) before going public with the contents.

p balasubramaniam missing pi kumaresan pc 070708 segarSegar (right) said: "When he gave the declaration to me he was normal… he didn't look pressured at all but he asked me not to show it to anyone else and pass it on to Kumaresan. But when we watched the press conference on television the day he withdrew the declaration, he looked stressed." (photo below: Segar, centre, with Bala's family)

Kumaresan wanted to know what happened between Thursday evening and Friday morning, which prompted his uncle to change his stand