Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saiful's uncle rubbishes leaked medical report

A close relative of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan echoed police sentiments today, rubbishing claims that his nephew had not been sodomised.


Responding to a leaked medical report from Hospital Pusrawi (Pusat Perubatan Islam) yesterday, the uncle - known only as Uncle Pet - said the new revelations were aimed at diverting public attention away from the alleged crime.

saiful bukhari uncle pet interview 290708 03While he conceded that Saiful had initially gone to Pusrawi before heading to Hospital Kuala Lumpur, he dismissed the initial findings, saying that Pusrawi "did not have a forensic department" of its own.

"Before HKL, he went to Pusrawi lah," said Pat. "But Pusrawi cannot do the forensics. Anyway those were just notes (referring to the medical report) and not a report.

"Then, he (the doctor) suggested that we go to HKL for a proper report," he added.

"The Pusrawi doctor (Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid) only did a short check-up, so how could he decide it was not sodomy?"

Pet was equally unconvinced with the way the Pusrawi report concluded that his nephew had not been sodomised.

"That is just bull****. They just want to exaggerate the story and divert attention. The important thing is Anwar (Ibrahim) is doing that thing and it's happened.

"We invited him (Anwar) to swear on the Quran and he twisted things around. We as Muslims should be brave because it's the truth and be afraid if we are guilty," said Pet.

Angry with the other Pet

Pet, who declined to give his real name, turned angry at this juncture, pointing to the lies alluded to him on a blog.

"One more thing, for Raja Petra (Kamaruddin) if he hears this. I want to see him," said Pet.

"Have you read what Petra wrote about me in his blog?" he questioned. "He has attacked me personally, saying that I sodomised my nephew.

"I think he wants to provoke me."

saiful bukhari uncle pet interview 290708 04The 20-something youth then challenged the Malaysia Today editor to see him personally.

"Pilih apa gelangang yang you mahu (Choose wherever you want). He called me an auntie and so on and so forth. Come and see me if he wants to know me better. Because I want to see him too," said Pet.

Controversial but popular blogger Raja Petra, in a posting dated July 26, reasoned that Anwar may have been released on police bail because the semen sample found on Saiful belonged to his uncle.

The article entitled 'The Malay unity sodomy conspiracy', also alleged that Pet had raised Saiful and questioned his manhood, calling him an uncle "who looks and acts like his auntie".

Watch the 4-min video of interview with Uncle Pet