Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stop the Campaign Says Missing P.I.

Well another news about the P.I., i think he is being hold against his will and threaten to make the call to call off the campaign. What do u say?

Source : Malaysiakini

Private investigator P Balasubramaniam has asked his nephew R Kumaresan to stop the ongoing campaign for his safe return as this could endanger him and his family.


p balasubramaniam missing pi kumaresan pc 070708 kumaresanKumaresan told reporters today that his uncle had conveyed this to him via telephone and that he would comply with Balasubramaniam’s request.

"It was a long (telephone) conversation," he said, declining to elaborate on the matter.

Kumaresan also refused to confirm if Balasubramaniam was in a neighbouring country as claimed by the police.

"I can’t reveal anything," said the 37-year-old computer engineer when pressed by reporters at the Brickfields district police headquarters.

Following Balasubramaniam’s disappearance on July 4, Kumaresan had lodged a missing person’s report with the Brickfields police.

He expressed disappointment with the police for choosing to inform the press about Balasubramaniam seeking refuge in a neighbouring country and not him, the complainant.

"I’m not satisfied with the police. Until now they have yet to inform me nor my family... I’ve already lodged a report. Is the report wasted?" he asked.